ruhlamat, a German brand with more than 60 years of manufacturing experience, is committed to the development and production of customized automation equipment. Its precision technology dates back to the 1960s, from a German watch enterprise. With the continuous development and iteration of the market and technology, ruhlamat continues to trigger active exploration and innovation, to provide customers with more accurate, more advanced, more reliable and more efficient automation solutions. Combined with German quality and Chinese efficiency, ruhlamat has provided many Tier-1 auto parts manufacturers with approx. 2000 automatic solutions, covering nearly 20 countries and regions such as Europe, Asia-Pacific and USA. ruhlamat also involves itself in the new energy, medical, 3C and other industries. With the arrival of the Industry 4.0 era, ruhlamat is playing an active role in providing manufacturing enterprises with Industry 4.0 flexible automation solutions, to help actuate their intelligent transformation, upgrading and strategic blueprint.

Vario is an international brand established by ruhlamat, with a product portfolio covering servo press, conveyor and profile. Vario was founded in 2008. It is created with an aim to provide Chinese customers with European-standard industrial aluminum profiles. As the industry booming and the customers raising higher demands, Vario has increased its R&D investment and gradually launched servo press and conveyor. Vario is committed to promoting its brand with professionalism, reliability, German quality and Chinese efficiency. It provides customers with professional solutions, unique experience and value in the fields of automation, industry 4.0 and digitalization. Vario products are widely used in automobile, auto parts, electronic motor, home appliance, bearing and other emerging industries.

ShopWorx is a intelligent IIoT software platform, through to the machine operation and production process, factory energy and public facilities of real-time data acquisition, analysis, monitoring, and outputs the customized analysis report, factory management personnel can know the factory anytime and anywhere the latest operation condition and to make effective business decisions, so as to achieve, seamless communication between process and machine, digital manufacture ascend to a new level, make manufacturing more efficient, more accurate, more flexible and more intelligent.